Dr. G. Gattiglia

Gabriele Gattiglia is an Associate Professor of Archaeological Methods and Theory at the University of Pisa. His fields of interest regarding Digital Archaeology (mainly Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Open Data), Archaeological Theory, and Medieval, Postmedieval and Contemporary Archaeology. He coordinates the Winter School R for ARchaeologists, dedicated to quantitative methods in Archaeology and works at MAPPA Lab. He has coordinated the H2020 ArchAIDE Project (2016-19), aimed at the automatic recognition of archaeological potsherds through Artificial Intelligence. Currently, he participates in the FAIR (Future Artificial Intelligence Research, 2023-26) project funded by the Next Generation EU programme. He is a member of the Scientific Committee of the Computer Application in Archaeology (CAA) Association.

Books by G. Gattiglia

From Quarries to Rock-cut Sites

Echoes of Stone Crafting

Edited by A. Lamesa, K. Whitaker, G. Gattiglia, C. Sciuto & M.E. Porqueddu | 2023

The archaeological study of quarries focuses mainly on the reconstruction of the extraction process, while rock-hewn spaces have often been approached from the point of view of architectural styles or art-history. Nevertheless, a holistic structural…

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