Dr. Manuel Fernández-Götz

Manuel Fernández-Götz is Reader in European Archaeology and Head of the Archaeology Department at the University of Edinburgh. He has authored ca. 200 publications and held visiting scholar positions at the universities of Oxford, Cambridge, and Brown, among others. His main research interests are Iron Age societies in Central and Western Europe, the archaeology of identities, and conflict archaeology. He has directed fieldwork projects in Spain, Germany, the United Kingdom, and Croatia.

Books by Manuel Fernández-Götz

Crossing the Alps

Early Urbanism between Northern Italy and Central Europe (900-400 BC)

Edited by Lorenzo Zamboni, Manuel Fernández-Götz & Carola Metzner-Nebelsick | 2020

This volume offers the first comprehensive overview of the urbanisation processes that took place south and north of the Alps during the early first millennium BC, highlighting the interactions between the different geographical areas. The…

Rural Settlement

Relating buildings, landscape, and people in the European Iron Age

Edited by Dave C. Cowley, Manuel Fernández-Götz, Tanja Romankiewicz & Holger Wendling | 2019

The majority of humanity have lived out their lives in a ‘rural’ context, and even in our increasingly urbanised world almost half of the global population still live in rural areas. In the European Iron…

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