Dr. Anastasia Dimoula

Anastasia Dimoula is an archaeologist, post-doctoral researcher in the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (ERC projects PlantCult and EXPLO). She acquired her BA and PhD diplomas in AUTh and her MSc in the University of Sheffield. She has been professionally engaged in the Greek Ministry of Culture and the Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki, as well as in university research projects as a pottery specialist. Her field of expertise is ancient ceramic analysis, particularly pottery technology and use, in the scope of reconstructing everyday practices, workshop operations, landscape interactions and communication networks. She has undertaken the study and petrographic analysis of numerous material sets, mainly prehistoric, from sites in Thessaly, Macedonia and Bulgaria. Her publication record includes papers, mostly on prehistoric pottery analysis, in peer reviewed journals and edited volumes. She has been appointed a secondary education classics teacher in the Hellenic Ministry of Education.

Books by Anastasia Dimoula

Cooking with plants in ancient Europe and beyond

Interdisciplinary approaches to the archaeology of plant foods

Edited by Soultana Maria Valamoti, Anastasia Dimoula & Maria Ntinou | 2022

Plants have constituted the basis of human subsistence. This volume focuses on plant food ingredients that were consumed by the members of past societies and on the ways these ingredients were transformed into food. The…

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