Tamara M. Dijkstra MA

Tamara M. Dijkstra is in the final stages of her PhD-project at the department of Greek Archaeology of the University of Groningen. She studies social structure and identities in Achaea in the Hellenistic and Roman period, by analysing continuity and change in practices of death, burial, and commemoration. In addition to her PhD-project, works as an archaeologist in the Halos Archaeological Project in Thessaly.

Books by Tamara M. Dijkstra

Strategies of Remembering in Greece under Rome (100 BC - 100 AD)

Edited by Tamara M. Dijkstra, Inger N.I. Kuin, Muriel Moser & David Weidgenannt | 2017

At the beginning of the first century BC Athens was an independent city bound to Rome through a friendship alliance. By the end of the first century AD the city had been incorporated into the…

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