Dr. R. de Leeuwe

After finishing a Bachelor degree in Maritime Engineering in 1996 at the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences, Roosje worked on stability calculations for drilling rigs and technical designing for several engineering agencies for a couple of years. In 1998 she started studying Archaeology at Leiden University, besides work. During her studies she gained fieldwork experience in the Netherlands, Mali, Malawi, and Tanzania. In 2003, the final year of prehistoric studies, with a specialization in maritime archaeology, she started to work at Archol, a commercial archaeological company attached to Leiden University. In 2004 she got a Master degree in Archaeology with a thesis on East African ship building traditions. After working for 8.5 years as a field archaeologist, she changed in 2011 to working as a forensic archaeologist at the Netherlands Forensic Institute. The work there involved case investigations commissioned by the police and judicial authorities such as the International Tribunal in The Hague, research and development related to missing persons, buried victims, crime scene investigation and identification. In 2017 she changed back to field archaeology and since works as a project manager at RAAP West conducting archaeological research in Central and West-Netherlands. In 2023 she received a PhD in archaeology for her thesis ´before temples´, on structures related to the Iron Age belief system in the Low Countries.

Books by R. de Leeuwe

Before Temples

Rectangular structures of the Low Countries and their place in the Iron Age belief system

R. de Leeuwe | 2023

Before the introduction of Roman temples in the Low Countries, there used to be ‘open air cult places’ in the Iron Age. That is at least the assumption based on descriptions given by classical writers…

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