Philip Carabott

Philip Carabott is Research Associate of King’s College London, where he taught modern and contemporary Greek history from 1990 to 2011; CEO of the Civil Non-Profit Company “Workshop on the Study of the Jews of Greece” (Athens, 2016-); and Commissioned Researcher of the Jewish Community of Athens. He has published widely on politics, society and minorities in Greece of the modern era. Currently, he is completing a monograph on the Shoah in Athens, and is Principal Investigator at the project “Hiding and rescue in German-occupied Athens, 1943-1944: Jewish persecutees and Greek compatriots”, which is financially supported by the German-Greek Future Fund of the German Federal Foreign Office.

Books by Philip Carabott

Encounters with Troubled Pasts in Contemporary Dutch and Greek Historiography

Edited by Philip Carabott & Willem W. Ledeboer | 2023

The volume in hand throws light on historical encounters with troubled pasts in contemporary Dutch and Greek historiography. Contributors, experts in their respective research fields with a wide range of scholarly publications, eschew dominant national…

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