Dr. Anouk Busset

Anouk Busset studied Archaeology and Art History at the University of Lausanne (Switzerland) before moving to Glasgow to carry out her PhD thesis under the co-supervision of Prof Stephen Driscoll (Glasgow) and Prof Michel Fuchs (Lausanne). She is now conducting a postdoctoral research project on the transformation of sacred places in early medieval north-western Europe funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation. Her PhD thesis was the recipient of the Philip Butler Prize 2018 of the University of Lausanne.

Books by Anouk Busset

Carved stones and Christianisation

Place, movement and memory in early medieval north-western Europe

Anouk Busset | Forthcoming

The early medieval period witnessed one of the deepest and most significant transformations of European societies and cultures with the process of Christianisation. The emergence and establishment of Christianity created a new dimension of power…

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