Prof. dr. Ann Brysbaert

Ann Brysbaert is Professor in Ancient Technologies, Materials and Crafts at the Faculty of Archaeology, Leiden University (NL), and since 1/3/2022 also the Director of the Netherlands Institute in Athens (NIA). She is Principal Investigator of the SETinSTONE project (ERC-CoG, grant nbr 646667) held at Leiden University. Previously, she held permanent and senior research positions at the Universities of Leicester, Glasgow, Heidelberg and Leiden. In 2014, she was Professeur Invitée at Bordeaux Montaigne University.

Her main book publications to-date are:
(2021) Building BIG – Constructing Economies: from Design to Long-Term Impact of Large-Scale Building Projects. Panel 3.6. (Archaeology and Economy in the Ancient World. Heidelberg: Propylaeum (with J. Pakkanen);
(2018) Constructing Monuments, Perceiving Monumentality and the Economics of Building. Theoretical and Methodological Approaches to the Built Environment. Leiden: Sidestone Press (with V. Klinkenberg, A. Gutièrrez Garcia-M. and I. Vikatou);
(2017) Artisans versus Nobility? Multiple identities of elites and ‘commoners’ viewed through the lens of crafting from the Chalcolithic to the Iron Ages in Europe and the Mediterranean. Leiden: Sidestone Press (with A. Gorgues);
(2014) Material Crossovers: Knowledge Networks and the Movement of Technological Knowledge between Craft Traditions. London: Routledge (with K. Rebay-Salisbury and L. Foxhall);
(2011) Tracing Prehistoric Social Networks through Technology: A Diachronic Perspective on the Aegean. London: Routledge;
(2008) Power of Technology in the Bronze Age Eastern Mediterranean. The Case of Painted Plaster, London: Equinox.

Books by Ann Brysbaert

Shaping Cultural Landscapes

Connecting Agriculture, Crafts, Construction, Transport, and Resilience Strategies

Edited by Ann Brysbaert, Irene Vikatou & Jari Pakkanen | 2022

Any activity requires the expenditure of energy, and the larger the scale of the undertakings, the more careful and strategic planning in advance is required. In focusing on labouring by humans and other animals, the…

Constructing monuments, perceiving monumentality and the economics of building

Theoretical and methodological approaches to the built environment

Edited by Ann Brysbaert, Victor Klinkenberg, Anna Gutiérrez Garcia-M., Irene Vikatou | 2018

In many societies monuments are associated with dynamic socio-economic and political processes that these societies underwent and/or instrumentalised. Due to the often large human and other resources input involved in their construction and maintenance, such…

Artisans versus nobility?

Multiple identities of elites and ‘commoners’ viewed through the lens of crafting from the Chalcolithic to the Iron Ages in Europe and the Mediterranean

Edited by Ann Brysbaert and Alexis Gorgues | 2017

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In prehistoric Europe hierarchic societies arose and developed technological systems and processes in the production of objects related to everyday use, on the one hand, and items of religious and symbolic character emulating prestige and…

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