Gerard J. van den Broek

Gerard J. van den Broek is an anthropologist/semiotician (Leiden University, DSSc. 1986). He was the director of two scholarly libraries and is currently working as Head Knowledge & Strategy of the Home Office.

His principle research interests include the semiotics of classification systems, material culture as an entrance to man’s cognition, hunting and fishing ritual and mythology, and, of course the anthropology of Rousseau and the philosophy of Enlightenment.

Among his recent book publications are: The Return of the Cane, A Natural History of the Walking Stick; Culture Signs Nature, Essays in Semiotic Anthropology, and Fieldwork, Sketches of Jac. L. Jongsma (1893-1926) , apart from numerous articles in international scholarly books and journals.

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Books by Gerard J. van den Broek

Rousseau’s Elysium

Ermenonville Revisited

Gerard J. van den Broek | 2012

Jean-Jacques Rousseau (1712-1778) is generally seen as one of the most important figures whose ideas had a great influence on the French Revolution (1789). Many immediately associate him with the concept of “the noble savage.”…

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