Dr. Valentina Borgia

Dr Valentina Borgia is a researcher affiliated to the McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research (University of Cambridge). She received her PhD in Prehistory at the University of Siena (Italy). Her scientific background encompasses a range of topics that span from lithic and bone tools technology to Palaeolithic population subsistence economy and prehistoric art; nevertheless the study of hunting weapons has been the focal point of her research.

In 2013 she was granted a Marie Curie Intra EF fellowship at the University of Cambridge to work on the operative chains of hunting weapons, and their importance as key factor in the dominance of Anatomically Modern Humans.

Her approach to the complexity of prehistoric hunting strategies is multidisciplinary, and combines typological and technological data with functional and residues analysis. She has written numerous scientific papers and a condensed book of History for high school students. She has wide experience on outreach activities and has founded and directed the cultural association ‘Silex’ created to introduce children to Prehistory.

Borgia, V., Boschin, F., & Ronchitelli, A. (2016). Bone and antler working at Grotta Paglicci (Rignano Garganico, Foggia, southern Italy). Quaternary International, 403, 23-39.

Borgia, V., Carlin, M. G., & Crezzini, J. (2017). Poison, plants and Palaeolithic hunters. An analytical method to investigate the presence of plant poison on archaeological artefacts. Quaternary International, 427, 94-103.

Books by Valentina Borgia

Palaeolithic Italy

Advanced studies on early human adaptations in the Apennine peninsula

Edited by Valentina Borgia & Emanuela Cristiani | 2018

The picture of the Palaeolithic adaptations in the Italian Peninsula has always been coarse-grained compared to various well-researched regional hotspots in central and western Europe, as a result of historical research bias preventing the application…

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