Dr Lucy Blue

Dr Lucy Blue is a leading maritime archaeologist in her field, a lecturer at the University of Southampton, Centre for Maritime Archaeology, and the Maritime Archaeological Director of the Honor Frost Foundation.

Dr Blue has research interests in harbours and maritime cultural landscapes mostly focused around the eastern Mediterranean, the Arabian Gulf and the Red Sea. Her research relating to contemporary boat construction, their operation and use has resulted in her conducting ethnographic enquiries in India, East Africa, Oman and Yemen.

More recently Dr Blue has engaged in the challenges of building capacity with respect to maritime cultural heritage, predominantly in the MENA region (Middle East and North Africa), where she has been involved with the establishment of the University of Alexandria’s Centre for Maritime Archaeology and Underwater Cultural Heritage, she has co-directed a project to map and survey the maritime archaeology of Oman, and more recently in collaboration with the University of Ulster, direct the MarEAMENA Project (Endangered Archaeology in the MENA regional coastal and maritime zone).

She has presented documentaries relating to underwater cultural heritage for the BBC, and is a Vice President of the Nautical Archaeology Society and a fellow of the Antiquaries and the Royal Geographical Society. Dr Blue’s has published over fifty volumes and articles including:

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Books by Lucy Blue

Under the Mediterranean I

Studies in Maritime Archaeology

Edited by Stella Demesticha & Lucy Blue, with Kalliopi Baika, Carlo Beltrame, David Blackman, Deborah Cvikel, Helen Farr & Dorit Sivan | 2021

This volume is a collection of 19 articles in three sections reporting on recent research on the archaeology of shipwrecks, harbours, and maritime landscapes in the Mediterranean region. The shipwrecks section looks at excavated vessels…

In the Footsteps of Honor Frost

The life and legacy of a pioneer in maritime archaeology

Edited by Lucy Blue | 2019

Maritime archaeologist Honor Frost (1917-2010) was a pioneer in her field. She left a rich legacy through her innovative research conducted in the eastern Mediterranean on the remains of ports and harbours, sea-level change, shipwrecks…

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