Dr. Claudia Augustat

Claudia Augustat is curator of the South America collections at Weltmuseum Wien, Vienna, with a regional focus on Amazonia. In her research, she concentrates on topics such as material culture and cultural memory, collaborative projects as well as decolonization of museum practice. She is project leader of SWICH – Sharing a World of Inclusion, Creativity and Heritage (since January 2018).

Books by Claudia Augustat

Matters of Belonging

Ethnographic Museums in a Changing Europe

Edited by Wayne Modest, Nicholas Thomas, Doris Prlić & Claudia Augustat | 2019

Matters of Belonging brings to the foreground critical practices within ethnographic museums in relation to their diverse stakeholders, with a special focus on collaboration with artists and differently constituted, self-identified communities. This book emerges from…

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