Dr. Beverly A. Thurber

Beverly A. Thurber is an independent scholar based in the Chicago area whose main research interest is early ice skating, especially bone skates. She has four degrees in four different things, including a PhD from Cornell University, and has studied in the US, the UK, and Germany. From 2009 to 2017, she taught a variety of courses in mathematics, science, and the humanities at Shimer College. Her book Skates Made of Bone: A History was published in 2020.

Books by Beverly A. Thurber

Bones at a crossroads

Integrating Worked Bone Research with Archaeometry and Social Zooarchaeology

Edited by Markus Wild, Beverly A. Thurber, Stephen Rhodes & Christian Gates St-Pierre | 2021

Bone tool studies are at a crossroads. A current path is to go beyond the concatenation of methods or concepts borrowed from other disciplines and aim instead at a truly integrated approach that is more…

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