Everyone needs go juice

In one of the small streets in Leiden there is a small coffee & tea shop called ‘Klaverblad’. They have amazing quality coffee and tea, and in addition are wonderful people as well. For everyone in/going to Leiden (The Netherlands) don’t forget to visit them. They are an old-fashioned, fully analogue shop. Don’t let the cool graphic (we made that) fool you, for they have no e-mail and no website, just wonderful coffee and tea that helps us through the day!

Het Klaverblad
Hogewoerd 15
2311 HE Leiden
(+31) (0 )71 – 513 36 55
The Netherlands


  1. Whenever I visit my brother in Leiden, a visit to Het Klaverblad is the first item on my list, although I know in advance that I always get too excited there and will end up spending more than I intended. But then, I have a weakness for wonderful amber Assams and deliciously perfumed Darjeelings, and they have them all…Not to mention all the Chinese teas with unpronounceable but tantalising names. Then there’s the Lapsang Souchongs…The REAL Lapsang Souchongs, strong and smoky like an old single malt Islay, and not for the fainthearted. Yes, I agree with you, long live Het Klaverblad!

    Gerre van der Kleij · Dec 29, 12:30 PM · #

  2. Haha great!! and don’t forget the nice espresso coffees and the famous rooibos-chai…. ;-)

    CornĂ© van Woerdekom · Feb 22, 01:27 PM · #

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