Tania Zaven

Tania Zaven is an archaeologist and glass specialist at the Ministry of Culture/Directorate General of Antiquities, Lebanon since 1996. She is the regional director of north Mount Lebanon and Byblos World Heritage Site since 1998. Between 1996 and 2006, Zaven was also in charge of the World Heritage Sites of Baalbeck and Anjar.

In addition to managing all the archaeological sites, the built heritage and the excavations in her district, she is also the director of the research program Byblos hypogeum since 2019, in partnership with the Louvre Museum. Zaven is the author of numerous publications, primarily in the Bulletin d’Archéologie et d’Architecture Libanaises, on the glass finds from several archaeological excavations across Lebanon. She is currently working on her PhD thesis on the glass finds from the recent excavations in Sidon.

Books by Tania Zaven

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