Dr. David Kertai

David Kertai is the curator of the ancient Near Eastern collections at the National Museum of Antiquities, the Netherlands. He has degrees in architecture, ancient history and archaeology and obtained his doctoral degree in 2012 in Heidelberg with a dissertation on Assyrian palace architecture and kingship (2015, The Architecture of Late Assyrian Royal Palaces; Oxford University Press).

He has taught and conducted research at, amongst others, University College London, New York University, and the Freie Universität Berlin and has participated in archaeological projects in Iraq, Syria, and Turkey since 2005.

Books by David Kertai

Byblos, Gateway to the World

Edited by David Kertai & Tania Zaven | Forthcoming

Byblos has played an extraordinary role in the history of the Mediterranean. From c. 3200 BC, it developed into the preeminent port of the region due to its strategic location at the foot of the…

Byblos. ‘s Werelds oudste havenstad

David Kertai met bijdragen van Jona Lendering | Forthcoming

Byblos vertelt het bijzondere verhaal van een Libanese havenstad. Een epos dat ruim 8500 jaar geleden begint met een hoofdrol voor zeevaarders en handelslieden, koningen en farao’s, helden en gelukszoekers. Hun verhalen zijn onlosmakelijk verbonden…

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