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Bitasion. Archéologie des habitations-plantations des Petites Antilles - Lesser Antilles Plantation Archaeology

Edited by Kenneth Kelly & Benoit Bérard

Les habitations-plantations constituent le creuset historique et symbolique où fut fondu l’alliage original que sont les cultures antillaises. Elles sont le berceau des sociétés créoles contemporaines qui y ont puisé...

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Native Neighbours. Local settlement system and social structure in the roman period at Oss (the Netherlands)

Dieke A. Wesseling

Since the Bronze Age, and possibly even before that, people occupied the area around Oss. They built timber farmhouses, worked fields, herded cattle, and buried their dead. They also worshipped...

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Hunters of the Golden Age. The mid upper palaeolithic of Eurosia 30,000-20,000 BP

Edited by Wil Roebroeks, Margherita Mussi, JIRI Svodoba & Kelly Fennema

The period 30,000 to 20,000 BP can be aptly called the `Golden Age’ of hunter gatherers for a variety of reasons, spelled out in great detail by the 37 contributors...

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The Ussen Project. The first decade of excavations at Oss

Edited by Harry Fokkens

The Oss project was started in 1974 by dr. Jan Verwers of the Institute of Prehistory of Leiden University, IPL for short (The institute as such no longer exists....

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