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Mobile Community Reporting. A Grassroots Perspective on Journalism

Olivier Nyirubugara

Almost everyone in Africa knows a mobile phone, the most widespread communication technology on the continent. That technology started as a voice-only tool before integrating other functions such as messaging,...

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De archeologische schatkamer Maaskant. Bewoning van het Noordoost-Brabantse rivierengebied tussen 3000 v. en 1500 n.chr.

Edited by Richard Jansen

De Maaskant ligt in het noordoosten van Noord-Brabant tussen de rivier de Maas en de stad Oss. Het gebied herbergt een groot aantal archeologische vindplaatsen die aantonen dat zich hier...

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The Connected Caribbean. A socio-material network approach to patterns of homogeneity and diversity in the pre-colonial period

Angus A.A. Mol

The modern-day Caribbean is a stunningly diverse but also intricately interconnected geo-cultural region, resulting partly from the islands’ shared colonial histories and an increasingly globalizing economy. Perhaps more importantly, before...

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Bitasion. Archéologie des habitations-plantations des Petites Antilles - Lesser Antilles Plantation Archaeology

Edited by Kenneth Kelly & Benoit Bérard

Les habitations-plantations constituent le creuset historique et symbolique où fut fondu l’alliage original que sont les cultures antillaises. Elles sont le berceau des sociétés créoles contemporaines qui y ont puisé...

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