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Archéologie Caraïbe

Edited by Benoît Bérard & Catherine Losier

La notion d’« espace » est un concept clé de la disciple archéologique. Les vestiges mobiliers ou immobiliers trouvés en fouille sont les reflets matériels des aspects politiques, sociaux, économiques...

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Black shank of tobacco in the former Dutch East Indies, caused by Phytophthora nicotianae. Original papers by Jacob van Breda de Haan, 1895 and Thung Tjeng Hiang, 1931 & 1938

Introduction, translation and discussion Jan C. Zadoks

Jacob van Breda de Haan is known as the author of the name Phytophthora nicotianae n.sp., the causal agent of ‘black shank’, an important disease of tobacco. Who was he?...

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Quaternary research in Britain and Ireland. A history based on the activities of the Subdepartment of Quaternary Research, University of Cambridge, 1948 - 1994

Richard West

During the later part of the last century there was rapid development of the study and understanding of the changing environments of the last 2 million years. This came to...

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‘Vergeten’ Bandkeramiek. Een Odyssee naar de oudste neolithische bewoning in Nederland

Edited by Ivo van Wijk, Luc W.S.W. Amkreutz & Piet van de Velde

Het archeologisch onderzoek in Nederland naar de vroegneolithische Lineaire Bandkeramiek cultuur of LBK (5250-4950 v. Chr.) heeft een lange geschiedenis. Sinds de eerste vondsten in 1925 werken amateur- en...

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